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About Us

A voyage to liberty...

what is magellanique?

  • "magellanique" is a think-tank. The content and views on the site are mainly about economics, and most of the authors support laissez-faire.

  • It is an organization whose aim is to ensure freedom, democracy, equality and especially economic literacy. It is non-partisan, independent and secular.

why magellanique has been founded?

  • Personally, "" was an idea used to be in my mind for years. My request for an initiative, in which I and my fellow authors can express our knowledge, ideals, thoughts and "dreams" free from chains, was what inspired me to create this site. Finally, I made this dream come true by establishing this site.

what are the purposes of magellanique?

  • Our main target is to improve the economic literacy rate (especially in Turkey) and create one of the requirements for democracy, "a group of taxpayers that can bring the bureaucrats to accounts about the economy". In other words, it is to make everyone understand how economics works. In addition, sheding light on popular misinformations; through using the popular economic policies of the "Washington Consensus", the teachings of the Laissez-Faire/ Austrian School, and Fiscally Conservative economic views, empirical data, and a libertarian perspective.

  • In order to eliminate all of obstacles to economic development in the world and Turkey —dogmatic ideas, distorted data and news, and ignorant views.

  • It is to compensate the deficiency, caused by the fact that most of the Turkish economists do not follow the global trends and a rational school of economics (keynesian, austrian, monetarist, neo-classical, etc.), and mostly have partisan viewpoints.

  • Majority of Turkish economists being incapable of calculating indicators like "real GDP" provoked us to have an indicators section in which we do the calculations ourselves and share at this website so the public can access the data with ease. Our goal is to establish an institution such as "FRED St.Louis FED".

  • Moreover, there is a major issue with our culture. The Turkish people cannot stand for "criticism" of something which has national value or an important national leader in our society. And this is an important problem that increases government's power to regulate and oppress. Also, unfortunately, the education system in our country is "centralised and state-dictated". Which has zero tolerance against critical thinking, and it is also notorious in all educational measures. Even, in history and philosophy lessons, nationalist and statist propaganda is being promoted and lectured in an effort to abolish free thought. So, because of  that situation, naturally our aim will be to teach our people to think differently, to be more liberal, and especially to respect each other's beliefs.

Anyway, I hope you learn a lot on the site. I opened this site alone and it's hard to do all this work alone. Therefore, you can find other authors on this site as soon as possible. You can even become a writer by contacting us via e-mail. Thank you for your interest and I would appreciate it if you donate. :)


- founder of

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